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Hi folks and a warm welcome to

 A lot of you may know me already from,, SWATK or kitecrowd forum.

 I started kiting in 2005 with a small Brookite "Sky Fly" 1.2m 2 liner, I'd been flying it at Burton Dasset Country Park in Warwickshire for a couple of weeks.

One Saturday afternoon I was there doing my stuff when I was overwhelmed by the shadow of a HUGE kite. It turned out to be a MkIII 4.9 Blade......Curiosity getting the better of me I decided to ask the guy's flying it if I could have a go.......With some guidance and kite killers I was airbourne......literally....That was it......

My first taste of a REAL powerkite.....and I wanted MORE!

I stayed for a few hours, contemplating my next move.

 When I arrived home I hit E-Bay and bought a 3m Buster. That was such a fun kite and it taught me quite a lot about powerkites.... But I'd been bitten by a Blade and I wanted one, so off to E-Bay again and I went for a MkI 4.9 Blade....They don't call it the widowmaker for nothing you know. Anyway, that's how it all started and I've set up this site to share some of my experiences, hints and tips that I've gathered along the way.

 I hope you find my site useful and if I've reproduced some of your ideas, please dont be offended.

I just want to share.

You can always send me an E-Mail via the contacts page.

Thanks for looking. Fly Safe.

"May the winds be with you"

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