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Repower Bar 


 For use with "Fixed Bridle" Kites




This is My "Homemade" Repower bar that i have used on several of my "Fixed Bridle" kites.

It's main function is to steer a fixed bridle kite with the brake lines and the front lines.

It works in a similar way to a "Depower" bar, so when you pull the bar towards you,

You get a slight "Power Up!" effect.


Connect your kites Main lines (Front Lines) to the inside, short leaders,

& the Rear lines (Brakes) to the outer leaders.


There are no measurements for the construction of this bar,

I made mine and adjusted the Brake tension as suited the kite i was flying.

There is also no real need for the "Depower" strap, as you can't really Depower a fixed Bridle Kite

With this system.


If required, you can add a link between the two outer leaders and attach a safety

line to your harness.


The bar is a Windtech 65cm KS bar and was used mainly with my old Bego 600.

Pulling the bar in gave the Bego quite a power boost.


Build it and have some fun.





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