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My Libre


 I bought my Libre VMax in 2008

All Standard



Then set about "Upgrading" it slightly.....


1st upgrade......


Midi Rears on Aluminium rims.....





Next i'm setting about doing something to the front forks.



I already have a set of Bigfoot Forks.


Firstly a massive Thanks to andyman2 from racekites.com

He engineered me a 20mm axle, tapped at either end to take a 12mm bolt.

And he even made some 30mm stainless nuts to tidy it all up.




And fitted to the Bigfoot forks.....




Another great big Thanks goes out to moonwrase of the racekites.com forum.

He came up trumps with some more alloy rims and tyres for the Libre.


Now it's got Aluminium rims and Kenda 4ply Midi's all round.



I've made a Backrest from 2 pushbike handlebar stems and a piece of steel tube...



I've added some padding, but still need to make a cover for it.



Even though the Libra has a high centre of gravity, i still wanted some protection for my bum!

I managed to get 2 sheets of 2mm polypropelene sheet

 from one of the places i collected a load from in my truck.

They were being used to put between pallets that were "Double Stacked"



First i cut the sheet to roughly the right length

and marked and cut the slots for the downtube.




Then i shaped the sides using a stanley knife



Then i drilled holes and used lots of cableties to fit it to the buggy.



It looks rather good if i do say so.




Now with added Graphics, Thanks to Jerry from racekites.com





I've used a left over piece of the Plastic sheet from my bellypan to make a splashguard too.





Andyman2 came to my rescue (Again) when i started to think how to fit some ATV rims to my libre.


He made me some custom hubs....



Fitted to the steel ATV rims......



The difference in the tyre profile from a barrow rim to the ATV rim is very clear.

Barrow vs ATV



This gives my Libre a nice wide footprint with a standard axle.



My Libre now has a swan neck that was made by Hotrodder from racekites.com



Details of how the swan neck was made can be found on the Buggy Plans page, along with details of the backrest that Richard made for me.




"Bally" from kitesbuggiesandboards.com is now the proud owner of this buggy.

May it serve him well.




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